Thursday, March 22, 2012

One baby possum!

The Louisiana Diaries: A tale of one kitty and other critters. Today, while looking out over the backyard, I saw something rolling in some leaves. At first, I thought it was some kind of toad. Then I realized it was a small critter of some kind, like a mouse. I ventured out, figuring it would run away. But it didn't. It was a newborn possum, eyes still closed, but covered in fur, struggling to sta...nd. Fearing for it certain death, I scooped it up, brought inside, took picture, then placed in bucket, and wrapped it in small, soft towel. Then I called our vet who said they knew of a woman who rehabilitated abandoned possums. Am waiting her phone number. Meanwhile, looked up on the care of baby possums (who do NOT make good pets) and did the right thing by creating a 'pocket' for it. Awaiting feeding instructions and, of course, the girls to come home from school and go nuts over this cute, tiny creature. I need to go back to the land of ice and snow where the chance of finding an abandoned, say, brown bear, are remote!

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