Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Louisiana Diaries: Loss of a teen idol

      The Louisiana Diaries
       Loss of a teen idol
       March 1, 2012   
         The Louisiana Diaries: Still mourns death of Monkee Davy Jones. Probably loss of youth; days gone by and first crushes! When I played a Youtube video of the band for my daughter Mary, her response: "They have too much hair!" Whatever happened to TV teen idol, Bobby Sherman? A dear friend in LA is friends with former Monkee Peter Tork! There goes those seven degrees of separation . . . in the mea...ntime, every bush is blooming here in Louisiana . . . every bush is a shock of brilliant fuschia, pink, white . . . I have never seen such an explosion of color and flowers . . . my house has dozens of said bushes and I had no idea they could be anything but green. Spring is the time to visit! Jazz Fest in NOLA end of April/first week of May (have some good Alaska friends headed that way for Bruce Springsteen! Me, too!). At the same time, Lafayette hosts one of the world's top free festivals -- Festival Internationale -- a four day extravaganza of music from all over the world . . . in other interesting Louisiana tidbits, Louisiana ranks THIRD in movie production, behind California and New York. I'm headed to NOLA to see if I can catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt . . . :) . . .

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