Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Louisiana Diaries: The Spring Doldrums: The kids are off for the entire week, creating something of an unexpected void. Most of our friends have fled to the beaches of Florida (a mere six hour drive away!) or to DisneyWorld. Travel habits formed from years of living here. Us, we think this IS as good as the beach, our mid-80's weather and soft breezes. Alaskans are easy to please, weather wis...e. We had thought of driving to Houston to see friends there (three hours away); or Dallas (five hours) or even NOLA (two hours). Or heck, Baton Rouge to check out their zoo (one hour). But my brother, John Rich, happily is in Louisiana this week training in Huoma (one hour away) for his new job with Haliburton and a station post in Brazil (he works one month on; one month off; lives in Alaska with beautiful family, wife and three children). So we want to see him and thus are staying put. Meanwhile, clubhouse pool not yet open, so we bought a slip 'n slide and have come up with some easy water fun. That, and finishing up the Easter candy, fills these lazy days . . .

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